Policy Cloud will provide six services designed to facilitate the transformation of raw data into valuable and actionable knowledge to be used in efficient and effective policy creation.





Cloud Capabilities & Data Collection

Adaptable cloud gateways and APIs to obtain data from heterogeneous sources such as online platforms and the Internet of Things, 

  • A Data Governance Model will be integrated  to ensure access to data across the complete data lifecycle.
  • Incentives Management will be integrated to ensure citizen engagement and participation. 

Reusable Models & Analytical Tools

A set of technologies spanning the complete data lifecycle from cleaning, aggregation, representation, modelling and analytics, to interpretation, knowledge extraction and distribution of results. The tools will enable opinion mining, and sentiment, social dynamics, and behavioral data analysis. Semantic annotations will be integrated to ensure data interoperability and reusability. 

Policy Development Toolkit

Automated tools enabling non-experts to manipulate, model, and visualise both data inputs and the outputs from analytics processes. Visualizations will be incremental and cover a wide range of aspects from data analytics and data source information to policy evaluation outcomes.

Ethics Framework

A documented approach ensuring the provision of privacy and security for sensitive data. 

Data Marketplace

A repository of exploitable  data and knowledge to be used across the full range of policy making scenarios.

Policies Management Framework

Decision tool based on the Policy Cloud “Data-driven Policy Lifecycle Methodology” and enabling the integration of data collection, modelling and simulation technologies as well as the assessment of policy compliance and impact.




    Policy Cloud will also assemble consultable, criteria-based collections of reference policies which share common characteristics and can be used to optimise decision making. 

    The six Policy Cloud services will be offered to the European Open Science Cloud via the  Policy Cloud Marketplace and the Policy Cloud Development Toolkit, using EUDAT for data storage and analysis Additional cloud providers and data solution providers will be incorporated into  the overall environment through the EOSC-hub. 

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