29 November 2022

Policy Cloud has released the White Paper “Cloud for Data Driven Policy Management”, providing recommendations on research and innovation actions towards interoperable data driven policymaking.

The White Paper, developed in collaboration with StandICT.eu 2023, addresses the standardisation of data interoperability in data-driven policymaking, with a particular focus on the technological, legal and ethical aspects of handling data. As data sources become more available and diverse, it is essential to increase the efforts in establishing proper standards that will ensure ethical and legal compliance.

The Policy Cloud project has highlighted this need through its 3-dimensional approach or “end-to-end legal and ethical assessment” for an end-to-end data analysis. The three stages of the approach include a preliminary assessment of the implications around the use of available data, the set-up of a technology workplace where data can be uploaded, and the ingestion of data in the cloud environment which enables its subsequent release and further analysis.

The novel technology workplace is also referred to as the Interim Repository and it proved to be efficient in the context of the project. Nevertheless, it is crucial to develop further solutions to maintain the balance between legal and ethical compliance on one side, and the registrability of data analytics tools. Hence, the White Paper aims at analysing novel approaches to data-driven policymaking and data interoperability with an emphasis on setting the ground for standardisation and compliance.

Download a copy and read the full report now!