By 2023 Policy Cloud will roll out a series of novel data-driven policy management solutions set to drastically advance policy making and benefit a wide variety of stakeholders.


Who will benefit from Policy Cloud?

Policy Makers at European, national and regional level, Public Administrations, Non Governmental Organisations and Standardisation Bodies will be provided with the ability to make efficient and effective policy decisions through access to:

  • Cleaned, refined, structured and trustworthy datasets emerging from the pilot use cases
  • Analytical tools to enhance the predictive power of data
  • Scenario simulations to model and evaluate policy impacts


Academic Institutions, Research Centers, individual Researchers and Big Data Experts will be able to achieve better quality research outcomes through access to:

  • Solutions and policy making services available through EOSC
  • Previous project results upon which to build further

In industry, Big Data, Cloud and solutions providers will experience improved efficiencies and attract new business opportunities through access to:  

  • Novel data management and analysis solutions
  • Tools for cleaning and refining data
  • Via, pilots, improvements in the quality of certain governmental datasets 
  • The Data Marketplace as a shop window via which to offer new datasets

Citizens resident in range of the pilot use cases or impacted by future Policy Cloud adoption will enjoy improved quality of life through:

  • Opportunities to participate in policy creation through the iterative design and implementation methodology adopted  
  • Continuous improvement in policies through an iterative design approach which leverages newly available data on an ongoing basis and optimises policies simultaneously across multiple sectors
  • Increasingly relevant and useful policies designed around homogeneous segments rather than entire populations