The Impact Creation Board acts as a knowledge and guidance forum, providing advice to the consortium on how to exploit the knowledge created by Policy Cloud. The Board includes distinguished experts from academia and industry whose goals are to:

  • Promote the use of tools, software, and guidelines issued from Policy Cloud and associated projects in order to foster synergies among the different research and development communities in the policy making domain 
  • Steer the project towards real-world needs of stakeholders
  • Support innovation and results uptake

Liliana Carrillo 

Founding Director at CollectiveUP and Co-founding Director at the European Digital Development Alliance (EDDA)

Liliana is a computer science engineer with a background in business, artificial intelligence, distributed and decentralized systems, and experience in several sectors: technology, social and education. Liliana is passionate about smart cities topics and citizens participation, the reason why she has deepened her research in governance. Liliana Carrillo is a researcher, entrepreneur and speaker in topics related to collective intelligence including governance, decentralized autonomous organizations and peer-to-peer systems. 

Michela Magas 

Chair, Industry Commons Foundation

Michela Magas is advisor to the EU and G7 and the creator of the concept of the Industry Commons. She is the Innovation and Sustainability Manager for OntoCommons, which creates an ecosystem of understanding across industrial knowledge domains through standardisation of data documentation for the Industry Commons. She was named European Woman Innovator of the Year in 2017 and Innovation Luminary by the EU and Intel Labs Europe in 2016. She is the founder of MTF Labs, a global technology prototyping platform of over 7500 creative innovators and scientific researchers, and has 27 years of experience of innovation for industry. 

Jürgen Neises 

Senior Consultant, Fujitsu Germany

Jürgen Neises (Dipl Math., Dr. rer. nat.) currently works as a Senior Consultant at Fujitsu located in Germany. He is coordinating Fujitsu’s activities in European R&I programs and also leading Fujitsu’s participation in several HORIZON 2020 projects (e.g. SecureIoT, FINSEC, INFINITECH). Jürgen has a proven track record in R&I and Co-Creation projects as well with research as with customers. Major fields of previous work are HPC, Legal e-Archiving, Biometrics, electronic Identity, and IoT Security. Among the current work activities Trustworthiness especially in Supply Chains plays an important role.

Francesco Mureddu 

Director, Lisbon Council for Economic Competitiveness and Social Renewal

An analyst and strategist in innovation and technology policies. During his career Francesco has supported, and in many cases, driven the design and delivery of consultancy and research projects in a wide variety of topics including the impact of Digital Transformation, Big data and Artificial Intelligence, e-government, Smart cities, ICT-enabled social innovation, future science, Citizen Science, research and innovation policies, and health. Francesco masters a wide array of methodologies including evaluation and impact assessment of policy initiatives and projects, policy development and benchmarking, technology roadmapping and scenario development, economic and econometric modelling, cost/benefit and sensitivity analysis, and stakeholders’ consultation and engagement. 

Tjerk Timan 

Policy Reseacher, TNO

Tjerk Timan (MA, Ph.D., Male) currently works as a policy researcher at TNO, The Netherlands and is addressing questions of data policy, governance, and societal impacts of big data and AI in projects such as the BDVA, the Once Only Principle, and the JRC’ AI-watch program. He is currently leading a program on Trustworthy AI, dealing with technical and organizational fairness & transparency in AI and understanding long-term social impacts. Previous positions included a postdoc on privacy and the limits of surveillance technology (via the project ‘Privacyspaces’ at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society, The Netherlands), and a research-and teaching position in the field of Technology Assessments concerning ICT development in the context of police and law enforcement (among others at the STePS department at the University of Twente, The Netherlands). He has taught numerous courses on privacy, data protection, science-and technology studies, user studies, and digital humanities. He has published about socio-technical impacts and values-by-design in among others Philosophy of TechnologyEngineering EthicsOUP, Environment and Planning ASurveillance & Society, and has published books on Privacy in Public Spaces.

Yuecel Karabulut 

Distinguished Cloud Security Architect, Salesforce

Dr. Yuecel Karabulut is a Distinguished Cloud Security Architect at Salesforce. Prior to joining Salesforce, Yuecel held various security leadership roles at Oracle, VMware and SAP in Silicon Valley, Germany, and Switzerland. He has also been teaching as an Adjunct Professor at leading universities such as CMU and continues to give guest lectures on IT security.

Dr. Karabulut is a frequent speaker at conferences and institutions and has published 32+ peer reviewed technical publications on security. He received his PhD in Computer Science from the Technical University of Dortmund, and an MBA degree from Duke University.

Ray Walshe 

Assistant Professor Dublin City University, Director of European Observatory for ICT Standards (EUOS)

Ray is a Senior Researcher and Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering and Computing in Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland. He delivers AI, IoT, and Data Governance modules on Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD programmes and is Chair of the Graduate Diploma in Web Technologies degree. Ray is Chair of:
- Big Data Value Association Standards Task Force,
- Network Development @ Gender Responsive Standards at the United Nations UNECE,
- External Advisory Board of Horizon 2020 Project, 

Ray is also Research Partner in H2020 .Co-Lead on ELITE-S Fellowship Programme (, Digital Leader with World Economic Forum, Appointed to the IEEE European Public Policy Committee on ICT in 2019 (AI WG Lead), appointed in 2020 to the OECD Network of Experts (ONE AI) and is currently ISO Artificial Intelligence liaison to the European Commission.